Sunday, July 15, 2012

Who am I?

The process of discernment is the process of building a relationship. It can start a bit shaky:

Who is this God?

But, for most of us in the starting position, the other side of the relationship can be very nearly as shaky:

Who am I - really?

A few posts back, the question was raised: What are you passionate about? What draws you? To what do you feel revulsion?


God has created you for a specific purpose; he means you to be someone for and with him. He has entrusted to you a specific task - and he knows what it is. Indeed, he has from forever.

And you have all of the equipment to follow his call - in you.

Oh, I don't mean the pieces that depend on grace. But look at the saints, even the greatest. God granted Mary the Immaculate Conception so that she would be a fit Mother for his Son. Pretty impressive preparation. And Augustine had the intelligence to become the great Doctor of Grace. (We won't even go into the gifts, God granted St. Thomas Aquinas.)

Mother Teresa had the heart big enough for a world of poverty. Teresa of Jesus had a heart big enough for God, and could teach the rest of us. Mother Cabrini could organize anything she touched.

So what has he given you? What are your gifts, your "not gifts"? What draws you? What repels you?


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