Thursday, July 19, 2012

Block removal - under construction

Now you get to work.

Looking for God's will is not hard as long as we don't automatically, from some hidden place, start sabotaging the process. Bring him the places where you are dragging your feet.

What are you afraid of? Take your time. There is no hurry here, but if you want genuine discernment, neither can you move on until you see the places where you have put up conditions. So keep a goin'. Don't put off until tomorrow the process of beginning to give it to him.

So you cannot change your attitude. Come to him as yourself, and in his light, talk to him about the situation. The fear. The balk. The weakness. The holding back...Talk to him about it now. And then again later. And probably later still. Instant probably will not happen. It does not have to. You have already started down the path to knowing God's will, because you begin to know where your will is set - and may be in opposition to him. At least insofar as it does not even want to admit discussion.

But take it to him as it is already. Only grace can give the light, the joy and the courage needed to deal with these things.

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