Thursday, February 21, 2013

To be a disciple

What does it mean to follow Christ?

These things are said, and there is huge history behind them. The question has been asked so many times that it has become almost encrusted with tradition. We hear the phrase "to follow Christ" so often that it loses its meaning.

So what does it mean - to you? -- to me? --- in the concrete? ---- today?

How did the gospel hit you today?

What does he mean to you right now?

What impact did he make on what you were doing ten minutes ago?

Is Jesus real?

Because vocation can only become a living reality if he is a living reality. And only if I right now, in the place, at this time, turn to him - and turn it all over to him.

Does that mean that I abandon my reason, common sense, education, experience? No. Just that all of it is submitted to the Holy Spirit for guidance - really submitted. That I seek the will of God, the face of Christ - that I truly want to do right and good and true. That I work to bring my entire life into congruence with his way.

Only when that process has taken hold can further discernment even begin.

How can I discern a vocation if I am not a disciple of Christ?

Holiness is the prerequisite for all of us. Only when we begin to walk in holiness can any further path of dedication, consecration or service - and real path - make sense.

So let us begin today...
                                      ...up until now, we have done very little.