Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discernment 101

The summer retreats have been a time of growth and good at the House of Formation. Quite a number of young women have wandered through and have taught me about the discenrment of life choices, the kinds of questions that come up. The kinds of fears that get in the way.

So let me see if I can help.

Yes. You need to pray. You need to seek. You need to question. So let us begin with prayer.

I have begun to publish the companion blog again, Musings, which is about developing a prayer life. If you want to look that up, the link is on the side bar.

Discerning the will of God. Sounds pretty intense. Yes, it is. We are talking about a life choice here. But then again, we are talking about God, who is most interested in each of us figuring our his will and purpose for our lives. So, as intense as it may be, we have good hope of a favorable outcome.

Yes. Pray.

But you also need to ask questions. (That is the cue to get out your journal or paper.)

  1. What draws you in life? What are you passionate about? (Hint: if you can't answer that, go talk to a friend who knows you well and hash it out. Talk to family.) What are the things you love?
That's enough for now.  For many people, that question alone can take a goodly amount of time.

So I'll leave you to it.

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