Saturday, October 29, 2011

Called to be saints

I spend a lot of time listening.

There is a sadness and a restlessness in the human heart - and in a society that is so very advanced and in so many ways, still the sadness is there, the alienation is there. We see the restlessness everywhere. People running away from each other, breaking relationships, hurting each other, and ultimately, running away from themselves.

It's everywhere.

And God sees it. He waits to redeem each human running, hurting, sorrowing heart. He calls people to help him. He calls women to mother his people.

We are each of use called to be saints. That's the simple truth. Only saints have the power to love people into happiness, into joy, into peace. Because saints touch God and touch people.

As women, we are called to be mothers. If wed, to be mothers of concrete physical children. If virgin, to be mothers of concrete spiritual children. He calls us to hold the world in our hearts. Those he calls to be religious are not exempt from motherhood - it just moves in a distinct sphere. We mother by loving the children God has given us, those sad, sorrowful, restless, broken people he leads into our lives.

What do we do all day?

We mother.

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