Saturday, August 20, 2011

Too busy to pray

We all feel it. The younger, the older - and everyone in between. We're too busy to pray. 

It's a lie.

Someone once said to me, in an entirely different context: "You will do whatever you really want to do. If you want it, you'll make time for it." That was the end of my excuse. Now, if I don't do...whatever, including pray, I can only say "I didn't want it badly enough today."

Now, it's a common problem. We have commitments. We have studies and work and family and hobbies and... and where does God fit in? Is he the last on my overfilled to do list? 

So why is it that although "I want to" "I don't want to"? 

It's a good examination of conscience. But not really something about which to beat myself up. Rather, the better way to do it is to increase my desire and my commitment. The desire, well we need to touch God and then we will want to be with him always. The commitment? It's a choice and then a choice chosen to be acted and then acted again - until it becomes habit. 

It is a necessary habit, if we want to know what God wants for our life. But it should be entered into with creativity. Play with it. Find a time and a space and a place for real prayer. For you. And then choose, and choose again to do it.

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