Sunday, August 14, 2011

General Examination and Confession

As we have said, the purpose of self-examination on a regular basis is not morbid. It's not an exercise in self-destructive nit-picking or an engaging way to enter into discouragement or depression. No, the purpose is positive. We want to grow into the most beautiful soul we can be, and that requires a good look at the stains and smudges that obscure the lovliness of the child of God.

The general examen really prepares us to unburden all of our sins in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. If the examen finds the dirt, confession washes it away. 

It  can be a bit overwhelming to prepare for confession when you have not been for a while. Later on in these pages, I will tell the tale of my second confession. It should console anyone who has the hebbe-jeebees at the thought of plunging into confession.

So, if you are out of practice, I have included a link to a fairly standard and comprehensive general Examination of Conscience. This is only for the general examen; remember that the particular examen takes only one, or at most, two points.

Later posts will take up the topic of confession, but this will get started anyone who is looking for a help to begin now.

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