Thursday, August 18, 2011

Helpfulness of a schedule

The spiritual life takes discipline. It means being able to be in communication with the Lord no matter when or how we feel or where we are. And that's not easy.

So, like anything else worthwhile, it takes practice and commitment and a bit of sweat.

A schedule, a rhythm, can be immensely useful. We don't want to create something so rigid that all it induces is rebellion and discouragement, but neither do we just want to float on the ever-changing "Do I feel like it?" Not if we are serious about it.

Finding the right rhythm takes practice. It is not the same for everyone. It needs to mesh with our other obligations, for one thing. Work, school, family - these things all demand a certain part of our time. And that's fair.

But there is a trap here. It's the "I'm too busy to pray" syndrome. We are all too busy to pray. For whatever reason, we always want to put prayer last on the list of things to do. So we need to come up with something that works, is doable, but also constitutes a real commitment to daily prayer.

What would that look like for you?

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