Tuesday, May 1, 2012

St. Walburga

St. Walburga, the patroness of the monastery in Eichstatt, Germany, is venerated with a particular love by the nuns at St. Emma's. At the request of St. Boniface, her uncle, she came to Germany from England sometime in the 740's. He story is related on the St. Emma website.

Her simple readiness to do whatever it took to serve God and his people in this (at the time) barbarian land provides an inspiration for us in today's hedonistic, pluralistic, confusing world. She went wherever she was needed, served in whatever capacity was called for. Her courage and flexibility (for a woman vowed to stability) provides motivation and strength for the daughters of God in this time and culture. May she pray for us to serve him as joyously and freely as she did.

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