Monday, May 7, 2012

Giving it all to him

Why religious life?

Every Christian is called to holiness - we are all called to be saints.  Sanctity is a given.  The state in life to which we dedicate our lives, the work which absorbs our time and energy - these things manifest the path he desires us to take, but the end remains: union with God, conformity with his will.

So why religious life?

It is a sign and a service. Through a life vowed directly to God, lived in undeviating focus on him, we witness to the life of heaven. We put our lives on the line that eternity is real. We speak by our actions that God matters. It is a sign.

The sign that is religious consecration makes no sense in a vacuum. We live it out in the Church and in the world. It draws each and all to confront the reality of God, his will, his way. The more faithfully religious live their consecration, the more telling the witness.

Everyone is called to live their lives for Christ. He calls some to witness to his supremacy through a life of religious consecration.

Is he calling you?

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