Monday, September 5, 2011

St. Scholastica

St. Scholastica was the sister of St. Benedict and the inspiration of the monastic communities of women who follow his rule. There is very little known about her life. Tradition holds that she was his twin; Pope St. Gregory records that she dedicated her life to God at a very early age.

The story that St. Gregory tells of her inspires all of us with hope and trust in God. 

It appears that Benedict and his sister would meet yearly and speak together of godly things. On one occasion, near the end of Scholatica's life, such a meeting was drawing near to its end and Benedict rose to leave. She asked him to stay, that they could spend the entire night conversing about God. He refused, rather strongly it seems. She then folded her hands, laid her head upon them and prayed. Such a storm rose that Benedict and his companions could not stir outside the hermitage. 

He was not amused. 

She answered that she had asked him and he refused to listen, so she asked her Lord and he did. 

How was Benedict supposed to reply to that?

They finished their conversation that night. 

Ask and you shall receive...

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