Monday, September 19, 2011

St. Brigid of Ireland

Together with St. Patrick, she watches over the Irish Church.

The daughter of a slave woman and a prince, she took the virign's veil from the hand of St. Macaille and made profession under St. Melof. She moved about a bit, eventually building a convent at Kildaire (to give it it's modern name). It became a center of the faith and of learning, for both men and women, eventually developing into a cathedral city.

Brigid loved the Lord radically. She did everything in her power to serve him and to bring others to him. In her love, she drew people to love. She brought men and women to the faith; she taught practical skiils; she schooled them in the arts. Everything Brigid did bore the character of excellence. She never settled for half-measures - or allowed less than their best from those around her. She radiated grace and goodness. Rightly, she bears the title "Mary of the Gael." Cannot modern women live as she lived and with such effect?

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