The Mater Redemptoris Aspirancy is a formation program for young women discerning religious life. It provides them the time and structure to grow in prayer, human virtues and community life. The program is not directed to entrance in any particular religious congregation, but gives women a general preparation for more specific formation in the community to which they are called.

Program of Formation

The Aspirancy program at Mather Redemptoris House of Formation addresses the areas of human formation, foundations for community and fundamentals of the spiritual and doctrinal life. We give women the skills necessary to enter into the in- tense formal program of religious formation in the community of their choice. These skills range from social and communications skills, through personal hygiene and dress, to living, working and assisting others in community. Women learn the basics of Catholic doctrine and prayer, receive spiritual direction and learn to know themselves profoundly. They work very hard with the intention of being accepted as candidates to a religious community.

Cooking Class with Sister Mary David

Typical Days

An aspirant at the House of Formation follows a very structured schedule of prayer and work. Most of her order of the day is shared with Sisters of the local community. A normal day looks like this:

Who is a good candidate?

On our own..
A woman who believes strongly that God is calling her to the religious life but is not yet ready to enter a community is potentially a good candidate. She may have a specific community in mind. For one reason or another, a community or her spiritual director are advising her “to wait.” She may need to grow in maturity, be formed in social skills, develop emotional maturity, learn to work and live with other women in community or develop a regular spiritual life. This program is suitable for new converts, recent high school graduates and women with social or spiritual deficits.

She must be willing to enter fully into the formation process and cooperate enthusiastically. The program normally lasts one year, and that year gives her the opportunity to make great advances in maturity, spirituality and personal competence, but she has to work very hard.


Who is not a candidate?

Women with college loans, women who have been severely traumatized and have not received effective counseling and women who are unsure of their call are not suitable for the live-in program. For these women, we recommend regular spiritual mentoring or discernment retreats while they address the other concerns elsewhere.


We accept women between the ages of 18 and 30, who are in good physical, emotional and moral health and do not have canonical impediments to entrance into religious life. They must be high school graduates.
Learning sacristy services

Women are required to fill out an application form and attend a full two-day retreat at the House of Formation before they can be accepted as aspirants. We only accept those women whom we determine will benefit from the live-in program.

We ask women to raise the funds before coming to the House. This allows us to offer the programming without requiring room and board. Training for the fundraising is provided during the pre-aspirant visit.

How to Apply

Women wishing to apply to the aspirancy program should contact Sister M. Consolata to discuss the possibilities, obtain an application and schedule a retreat. 

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