Monday, April 1, 2019

Be Still - by Tessa

"You will hear My voice, I claim you as My choice.  Be still and know that I am here." "You are Mine" by David Haas, verse 1
Many times, I get caught up in my own ideas, desires, or preferences, and this can make it difficult to hear God's voice.  If someone gives me a critique or compliment and I focus all my energy on that, this too can become an obstacle to what the Lord is wanting to say to me.  Yet, despite whatever obstacles that stand between me and Jesus, He always finds a way around them!

He lovingly confirms that I will  hear His voice, that if He loves me as much as He has shown me, then He will not leave me to fend for myself!  If I desire His will for me, He will make Himself heard.  And not only will I "hear His voice" but I am being "claimed" as Christ's number one choice!  He didn't have to choose me, but He did, because He knows all I can become when I am united to Himself.  I am snatched from the devil, who would have claimed me instead!

"Be still and know I am here."  These words are the only words that last.  When I am jumping from one obligation to the next, when I am anxious or distressed, Jesus reminds me to pause, take a breath, and remember that everything doesn't have to, and will never, depend on me alone.  Jesus is "jumping" with me and has everything under control.  I have no need to worry!

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