Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Preparation - by Claire

All to often, Lent is looked on as a burden, annoyance or inconvenience.  We concern ourselves with what to give up, what do do, what is too much or too hard, and what is too little or too easy.  Eventually we decide on something and do our best to carry it out obediently, but not very joyfully. We've all had Lents like this, or seen it this way at some point in our lives, but this view does not do justice to the beauty of Lent.

In truth, Lent is the preparation time we have before receiving the greatest gift of all!  It is a time to get to know Jesus in a more intimate way before we recall His suffering, death and resurrection.  By abstaining from the pleasures of this world, the things we like most, we slowly remove our earthly supports.  Through this, we begin to have more time to spend with Jesus.  If we choose, we may grow much closer to Him, abandoning our sins, comforts and supports in favor of the virtue of trust.  What a worthy effort!  After all, it was all of our sins and supports that lifted Jesus off the ground at His crucifixion.

In this light, let us continue whole heartedly during this Lenten Season.

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