Thursday, May 1, 2014

What is an aspirant?

Receiving Father Powell's blessing
We do many different things at Mater Redemptoris. We talk about finding God's will to school groups, young adult groups, children. We walk with women through their journeys in spiritual mentoring. We offer individual and group retreats.

But the oldest program is the aspirancy.

Who are these aspirants?

Young women who are determined to find God's will and do it.

Maggie interrupted in contemplation

Women committed to becoming fully the one God has called to be.

They work very hard to know themselves, to know the Lord and to grow.

It's a beautiful thing: to see a young person, desiring to give her whole life to God and willing to do whatever it takes to figure that out. The most challenging journey each of us has to make is the one that leads us to know who we are, created by God, loved by him, beautiful, somewhat flawed, gifted, talented, not-there-yet... Coming to know the person called, the path and the destination.
Laura, Jemma and Rose

It is the time of year when we begin to receive applications for the fall semester, which starts September 1st. Is God calling you to this?

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