Monday, April 15, 2013

Sign one: Desire for the Life

Do you want to be a religious Sister or Nun?

Some people experience a bit of interior conflict with this one - I want it (or I have a strong hunch God might be calling me) and yet...

If the conflict expresses itself as a desire for husband and family, it really isn't a conflict. Marriage remains the normal state in life - desire for it merely demonstrates a healthy female nature.

And most young women do not even have the idea of being a religious.

One sign of a vocation can be the idea wandering regularly through your mind.

  • Are you haunted by the thought that you might be called?
  • Does the idea sometimes seem really appealing?
  • Do you have interest (or even a fascination) with things religious?
So this is the first sign that it might be your way.

We are rarely attracted to something to which we are...not attracted.

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