Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Renew us, O Lord, according to your heart

Every religious congregation in the Church has been granted a particular charism by a God who loves his people, and who calls all to salvation. Most of those congregations who are struggling in these days have a charism that is still valid - it meets a need in the Church.

There are teaching orders...do we not need committed, zealous religious women who are teachers?
There are nursing orders...do we not need fiery, professional vowed women in health care?
There are contemplative orders...does the Church no longer need powerhouses of prayer?
There are orders which care for the poor...are there no more poor people?

No. The needs are more urgent than ever. So then, has God abandoned his people, refusing to give the gift of religious to a time which stands in such great need?

I sincerely doubt it.

All of the great orders in the Church started with one, or two, or a few, who heard the call, were infused with a charism that met a need in the Church and were catapulted by God into the fray. Can he not do it again?

No matter the situation, he can. He can take the little we have and cause us to grow. May he, in his generous, passionate mercy, grant to each congregation in the United States women whose hearts are etched with their charism, then inspire a torrent of vocations.

The harvest is enormous, laborers are no more than a drop. Pray...

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