Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Freedom of the Children of God

Sunset through the Motherhouse gate in Thuine, Germany

There are many practices of prayer which you can adopt. We will look at many of them over the weeks and months. It is good to realize at the outset, though, that each Christian is free to adopt any orthodox method of prayer she chooses. There is no compulsion to "practice the presence of God," although it is very useful. It is not required for salvation to do any of these particular spiritual exercises. Much like physical exercise, each is free to choose that which best fits her temperament, age, level of development and so forth. That we need to pray is a given; how we do it is our own choice.

That needs to be said, because it is easy for an enthusiastic beginner to try to do everything - and then end up doing nothing because she is overwhelmed. It is good to find a few ways of prayer, try them out for a bit, say a week or two, and decide whether they are helpful or not. 

So for all of these suggestions, take them with freedom. The spiritual life is amazing country, full of good things, and many have passed this way before us. They leave guides and signs and methods - and we should use them as they are good for us.

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